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        Cultural Facilities

        Proposed “High Line” in Mexico City pays homage to Aztec aqueduct

        Interwoven ribbons of walkable infrastructure comprise the park

        Sports and Recreational Facilities

        Qatar unveils Al Rayyan, fifth World Cup stadium

        After the World Cup, part of the stadium’s seating will be donated to other countries.

        Grimshaw's 'kit of parts' design scheme selected for Qatar sports facilities program

        All facilities will utilize grey water recycling systems to irrigate the landscape.

        Video: Zaha Hadid's stadium for Qatar 2022 World Cup

        The 40,000-seat venue in Al Wakrah, south of Doha, will incorporate passive design features for airflow.

        Goettsch Partners designs new tower in Abu Dhabi

        Al Hilal Bank’s 24-story flagship development provides contemporary office space.

        Hill International to manage construction of Al Risafa Stadium in Iraq

        The three-year contract has an estimated value to Hill of approximately $3.3 million.

        Thornton Tomasetti names Al Hashimi vice president for its Middle East Operations

        Al Hashimi is joining the company to help expand Thornton Tomasetti’s business in the region and support clients locally.

        Former Vice President Gore Expresses Support for AIA Policy to Reduce Energy Usage in Buildings

        Gore recognizes AIA policy as key initiative in achieving zero fossil fuels use in buildings

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